Settling the West

cover_explorers_smcover_brides_smA series of books called Settling the West tells the stories of ordinary people who lived the adventure of the western frontier. People of many backgrounds, men and women, migrants and natives reveal in their own words the challenges they faced. Bentley edited the series, which included two of her own books:

Explorers, Furtrappers, and Guides.

Brides, Midwives, and Widows.

“The explorers are not the names everyone knows, but that’s precisely what makes this volume (and others in the series) so interesting,” said Booklist in 1995.

The other four in the series are:

  • Farmers and Ranchers by Brett Harvey
  • Miners, Merchants, and Maids by Suzanne Hilton.
  • Loggers and Railroad Workers by Mimi Winslow
  • Preachers and Teachers by Nancy Hevly