Hiking Washington’s History

HWH imageHiking Washington’s History reveals the stories embedded in Washington’s landscape: more than 40 historic trails from Cape Flattery to the Blue Mountains; backpacking on a 2000-year-old trail; climbs to mountain lookouts; Native American trails and wagon roads through Cascade passes; rail-trails crossing the state; expeditions through the Olympic Mountains; day hikes near Seattle, Bellevue, and Spokane.  

“Your Hiking Washington’s History book is perfect for these times when so many of us are incarcerated by the pandemic or afraid to travel. The book is not only a fascinating and educational read, but a great escape, too. Don’t even need to go those places, your stories and the photos and maps are so good. But now I really want to go to Cape Disappointment. And if I’ve already been somewhere that you wrote about, like Lake Ozette, I didn’t realize the rich history that’s there,” Bill Kossen, Seattle historian and journalist.  

Hiking Washington’s History was included on the Seattle Times 2017 list of nonfiction books recommended for newcomers to Seattle.

For publishing information, visit the University of Washington Press.    The second edition, co-authored by guidebook author Craig Romano, will be available in May 2021.  

Hiking Washington’s History is available at independent bookstores, many REI stores in Washington, and online from: