Harriet Tubman

Reviewers called it “lively, authoritative.” The book portrays “a very human Tubman” whose “courage…is poignantly portrayed, with enough thrilling details of dangerous moments to make this interesting reading without lapsing into melodrama.”

Comment from a History Day student:  "I checked out several books and yours was the best source of information out of all of the books that I used. It was very interesting and had the right amount of information, not too little and not too much over analyzing.  It was fun to read."


Harriet Tubman is the biography of the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad and a spy for the Union during the Civil War.

New York Public Library’s Best Books for the Teen Age, 1990

NCSS-CBC Outstanding Children’s Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies, 1990

A new photograph of Tubman has been found, much younger than the elderly woman pictured on the cover of my book.  See my post on the photograph.